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Based in Thetford Mines Quebec, KQK is a creative studio for clothes and ceramics; the fashion collections are a meld of classic tailoring with creative techniques, the ceramics explore the boundaries of rigidity in their nature.


Very much inspired by the contrast between brutalist architecture and nature romanticized, KQK’s founder and designer Karen Quirion constantly redefines her craft through the deconstruction of shapes and the experimentation of colors and material to translate emotions.



Karen Quirion is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist

based in Thetford Mines, Quebec. She has a formal background in fashion from the Campus

Notre-Dame-de-Foy in Quebec and the Istituto Europeo

di Design in Milan. She is the founder and creative

director of her studio, KQK, and has

recently started working with ceramics

Focusing on both one-of-a-kind art pieces and

sculptural vases, she started working with ceramics

in 2020 and it has now become an integral part

of her work.

A long-time lover of brutalist architecture, Karen is a

self-taught ceramicist working essentially with clay. All

of her pieces are hand-built through techniques of

coiling, pinching and slab building. Exploring the boundaries of rigidity in their nature, her ceramics

are the result in an experiment of deconstruction through organic forms.

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